OUI (Alcohol or Drug related)

“OUI” related offenses have life-long consequences and can cause devastating damage to your life. Some OUI convictions carry mandatory jail time and all require the registry to suspend your license. If you have been charged with “OUI” (Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs), you need an experienced attorney who knows how to fight these charges. I have successfully fought numerous “OUI” related offenses before judges and juries throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition to defending “OUI” related offenses, I work closesly with world renowned scientific expert, Dr. Bruce A. Jackson. Together we have created national legal seminars designed to assist fellow attorneys effectively challenge these types of offenses. With the assistance of Dr. Jackson, I exonerate many “OUI” defendants, by exposing many of the flawed investigative techniques and garbage scientific methods commonly used by law enforcement to convict individuals charged with “OUI”.