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In addition to being a veteran lawyer, I have also developed my professional career outside of the courtroom and now teach other attorneys how to prevent false convictions due to flawed science and unproven investigative methods. This instruction takes place in a series of national seminars.

My close colleague, world renowned scientific expert, Dr. Bruce A. Jackson and I have created a three-hour seminar called “Defending OUI Drugs Cases—Challenging “Junk Science” and the Myth of the “DRE.” This informative session sheds light on the many flawed techniques law enforcement uses to prove offenses and exposes the unproven science used for the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program.

I’m proud of the reputable name I have built for solid criminal defense in the Boston area. As such, I work with scientific experts to develop a series of seminars designed to inform other defense attorneys about some of the junk science out there in the industry. If you are an attorney looking to increase your knowledge for defense cases involving an OUI, please register for an upcoming event.

DEFENDING OUI DRUGS CASES: Challenging “Junk Science” and the Myth of the “DRE”

Date and Time: TBD
Location: The Westin Waltham Boston Hotel – 70 3rd Avenue, Waltham, MA 02451, (781) 290-5600

Course Overview: As more and more law enforcement agencies train and hire Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) to aid prosecution in proving that your client was operating under the influence of drugs, it is crucial to your practice that you learn how to properly spot the many complex issues associated with this type of offense.

Scott M. Martin, an experienced OUI attorney who has won over 80% of his OUI-related cases, and Dr. Bruce A. Jackson, a well-known scientific expert, successfully challenge OUI Drugs cases by exposing the “Junk Science” of the “DRE” program!

Over the course of this seminar, Mr. Martin and Dr. Jackson will discuss a wide range of issues associated with OUI Drug cases and teach you how to put this knowledge to use in a courtroom.

Topics to be discussed include the following:

  • What is the “DRE” program and where does it come from?
  • Why the “Science” behind the program is fraudulent?
  • The “12-Step Protocol” with an analysis of each step
  • International standards governing the collection and testing of urine or blood samples
  • What is a “P-Value” and how it discredits the “DRE” program
  • Using the discovery process as a tool
  • Effective cross-examination and winning arguments through the use of real science
  • How to make the “DRE” a defense witness
  • Exposing the deficiencies of Massachusetts labs
  • What the prosecutor must prove for a conviction
  • Applicable case law

Presenters: Attorney Scott M. Martin & Dr. Bruce A. Jackson
Cost: Pre-registration & CPCS Staff Attorney’s/Bar Advocates $165, Day of Event $195. Dinner and beverages will be provided.