The Law Office of Scott M. Martin is committed to protecting the rights of each client accused of wrongdoing and securing proper due process as you navigate through the legal system. Attorney Martin understands that effective communication with his client and diligent preparation are the essential components to preparing the best defense for your case.

Having an aggressive, seasoned attorney like Scott M. Martin is crucial for you to know what direction to take and what strategies to pursue. Scott M. Martin has successfully defended thousands of clients accused of violating local, state and federal laws by communicating with his clients to prepare the best defense to their case, knowing how to handle each step of the process and through an ability to convince a judge or jury of the truth.


I am an aggressive, seasoned trial attorney who has represented thousands of clients investigated and charged by local, state and federal authorities. A life-long resident of Massachusetts, I care deeply about your rights and will fight to make sure you are protected!

Notable areas of practice include:

  • Drug Offenses
  • OUI (Alcohol or Drug related)
  • Assault and Battery (Felony and Misdemeanor)
  • Firearms offenses and licensing issues
  • Domestic related offenses
  • Murder/Manslaughter
  • Immigration related offenses
  • Sexually based offenses

In addition to practicing law, I have developed a series of national legal seminars aimed at assisting fellow attorneys prevent false convictions due to flawed science and unproven investigative methods.

I am proud to work often with world renowned scientific expert, Dr. Bruce A. Jackson. Together we have created DEFENDING OUI DRUGS CASES – CHALLENGING “JUNK SCIENCE” AND THE MYTH OF THE “DRE”

This three-hour long seminar will expose the unproven science used to validate the Drug Recognition Expert “DRE” program and shed light upon the many flawed techniques used by law enforcement to prove this offense.