Charge: OUI drugs (5th offense) and tampering with an interlock device
Result: Not guilty; bench trial. Mandatory jail time avoided and license restored.

The Commonwealth alleged that my client crashed his truck due to him driving while impaired for the 5th time. After his arrest, my client submitted to a urine test at the police station. The test came back positive for over 12 different types of drugs! My client was examined by a supposed Drug Recognition Expert and failed the examination. He was also accused of tampering with an ignition interlock device that he had installed in his truck. Through countless hours of legal and scientific research, I was able to suppress the urine test and discredit the supposed Drug Recognition Expert. The judge was forced to find my client Not Guilty and restore his license! Prior to trial, I was able to get my client a dismissal of the interlock tampering charge, when my motion to dismiss that charge was allowed!

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